A wide range of sensors, control systems, shower heads and showers combine to create water efficient showering for a wide range of environments, from anti-ligature products to robust showers designed for heavy traffic areas.

DVS offer complete shower units ready to fix onto the wall. Constructed from robust 316 stainless steel, DVS shower towers offer a safe but attractive, high security and easy to install solution.

DVS shower towers have a choice of either wave-on, tactile or push operation and are self-closing offering energy efficiencies and water savings.

StandardShower Towers
Features include:
Designed for high-security applications
Robust 1.5mm stainless steel construction
High impact resistance
Tamper proof
Wave-on, push, or tactile operation
Easy to install
Up to 50% savings on water
Available as Standard, with built-in TMV3 or Ceiling Height
CeilingHeight Towers

DVS shower towers are also available in two other categories; with in-built TMV3 or ceiling height. The ceiling height shower towers are extended, wider versions of the standard towers and are designed to hide all pipework to the ceiling.
The TMV3 towers look the same as the ceiling height towers but incorporate a TMV3 valve. The in-built TMV3 valve can be set to optimum shower water temperature which is normally 41°C and will prevent scalding in the event of cold water failure.

Sensor Options
Wave-on sensors or tactile switches are available for controlling showers, either as part of the DVS shower control system or incorporated into the shower towers.

How They Work
To make installation as simple as possible the towers are pre-plumbed and valves are safely housed within the tower. Controls are supplied with pre-set settings but can be customized quickly and easily from within the control box if necessary.
With electronic wave-on and tactile controlled towers a pre-set runtime is set so that the showers can not be left running for any longer than the pre-set time. The push operated showers operate in a very similar way to a push tap and will self-close after a period of approximately 40 seconds.
DVS offer various high and low security solutions that are robust, attractive and easy to install. Our control systems have been specially developed to be as customizable and reliable as possible, whilst being easy to install and maintain.
Showerheads, & Adjusters
Individual Showerheads
Showerheads are available to purchase separately as well as being options for the shower towers.
The showerheads can be used in conjunction with the DVS ‘Shower Control System’. The SH07-040 and SH07-042 are intended for installations where everything except the showerhead and sensor are concealed behind a wall or panel.

Features include:
(applies to high security models)

  • Stainless steel
  • Easy to install
  • Tamper proof
  • Ideal for prisons
Features include:
(applies to SH07-018)
  • Swivel ½” BSP connection
  • Water efficient
  • Simple retro-fit connection

Push Taps for Showers

DVS offer a variety of self-closing, manually operated push taps for use in showers.
Push taps offer a good level of hygiene and water saving features, provide designs that are tamper-proof and vandal resistant and are easy to install and maintain.
Features include:

  • Up to 50% savings on water costs
  • Adjustable flow rates
  • No-touch self-closing operation
  • In-built filter
Temperature Blending Valve Adjuster
In many public areas supplying water at 41°C is ideal. If however the requirement is to provide 41°C with user adjustment between this temperature and cold (determined by the cold input temperature) then the temperature blending valve adjuster can be added to accommodate this facility.
The blender adjuster is designed to be robust with good aesthetics and therefore suits all applications.
There are three standard fixings available to suit various wall thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm to 280mm. Special sizes can be provided where required.
Features include:
  • Robust construction
  • Tamper proof
  • Easy to install
  • Available for different wall sizes

Control System

Shower control system

Wave-on or Tactile sensors available with this control system

30°High security

The bath filling control system (SH07-020) can be used with wave-on or tactile switches. The half fill level is half that of the full fill which is adjustable. There are a number of kits available to suit a wide range of requirements.

Bathcontrol system
High security bath spout
Benefits of the bath filling control system are similar to the shower control system except that it operates a single valve post thermostatic mixer, with the option of hot and cold if required.
An additional control system can be installed if warm and cold tap up is required as well as the full fill and half fill settings. Various sensor plated, water spouts and thermostatic mixing valves are available.
To choose the most suitable solution please request full specification sheet from our sales team.