A comprehensive range of products designed with healthcare in mind. Selection of the correct products had been shown to increase hand washing compliance and reduce cross contamination as well as offering water saving benefits.
No-touch products have been identified by the NHS as offering significant benefits subject to the reliability of the specified products. Dart Valley Systems have achieved extremely high levels of reliability and value for money. Many building guidelines (HBN’s) recommend ‘no-touch’ taps and WC Flushvalves.
The HPA and DOH acknowledge that no-touch taps reduce the risk of cross contamination. DVS believes that the ease of use also encourages handwashing thus increasing compliance.
DVS designs offer optimum solutions to help maintain bacteria free water. Options available include automatic purging to avoid deadlegs and stagnant water, and thermal shock disinfection. Copper tails for taps can be provided if preferred to flexible connections. DVS has however carried out scientific evaluation at Plymouth and recommend PEX lined hoses.
Clinical Automatic Taps
Aquairus WM Straight Tap
With its modern and simple design, the Aquarius Wall Mount tap ensures the ultimate in hygiene for the most discerning of clients.
Surgeons Scrub-Up
The Surgeons Scrub-Up tap is based on the Aquarius WM tap but has additional features designed specifically for surgeons scrub-up areas.
The tap has a longer reach and is pre-programmed to provide a longer sensing range and run-on time, meaning that surgeons can wash their hands and forearms easier and for longer.
This tap is available in three lengths, 150mm, 200mm and 250mm
Aquarius High Neck
The Aquarius High Neck offers a clinical deck mounted solution for hand wash or scrub-up.
With its extra high body and long reach design the Aquarius High Neck makes it easier for surgeons and hospital staff to wash their hands and forearms. Its simple but unique designed this automatic tap to accept point-of-use filters.
Disposable water filters for taps protect against Legionella and other bacteria in the water supply.
The validated 0.2μm filter membrane protects against Legionella spp, which are known contaminants of hospital water supplies and can lead to nosocomial infections.
Filter features:

  • Quick connection
  • Instant protection
  • Validated 0.2μm filter membrane
  • Individually tested
  • Pre-sterilised – Ready to use

New Aquaritherm™ Tap

Designed with healthcare environments in mind, the AquariTherm™Collection combines infection control features, simple isolation for quick and easy servicing and a stylish aesthetic, meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and technical support staff.
The patented* isolation feature allows the tap to be removed from the wall without the removal of panels, and exchanged with a spare tap to ensure that tap stations are always functional, as well as reducing ward-based service times for facilities teams. The easy to access in-line filter and thermostatic mixing valve can then be serviced quickly and easily away from the ward with minimal disruption.
As well as unique servicing features, the AquariTherm™ tap is designed for easy day-to-day cleaning and use.
The AquariTherm™ tap is available in either automatic or manual specification, making it ideal for a range of healthcare applications. The automatic specification offers a no-touch solution, incorporating an ergonomic integrated downward facing sensor with adjustable range as well as an automatic purge facility.
Both the manual and automatic models include a mechanism to ensure that any hot water is mixed before being delivered to the users’ hands, ensuring that there is no ‘hot spike’ effect when placing hands under the tap. Additionally, the tap body stays cool during use, even with prolonged hot running water.

  • No-touch or manual operation models available
  • Ergonomic, easy to clean surfaces
  • Quick and easy to service in location
  • Surface area remains cool
  • Simple filter exchange and cleaning
  • Adjustable sensing range
  • Automatic purge facility
Maintaining Good Water Quality
Automatic Tap Purge Controller
The automatic tap purge controller reduces maintenance and the risk of Legionella by purging the taps if they have not been operated for a predefined time.
Purge run times are adjustable and delay can be set to detect non-use between 6 hours and 15 days. Purge can be set between 55 seconds and 5 minutes. A periodic purge can be switched on or off.
Special features:
  • Simple to set up
  • Saves manually running taps
  • Readout monitors operations
  • Easy to use
  • Avoids stagnation
  • Overcomes human error