A hygienic washroom solution. A range of no-touch flush options are combined with leading flushvalve technology to deliver considerable water savings. Stylish and discreet, our range of no-touch WC flushing options can be retrofitted or installed at new build stage.
The DVS no-touch WC flushing system is an electronically operated drop valve which replaces the traditional syphon and delivers a measured volume of water from the cistern to the lavatory bowl. A simple wave of a hand past the fitted sensor will activate the electronic Flushvalve.
Offering reduced water consumption, the optimum quantity of water from each flush is pre-set and accurately controlled. The easy to use no-touch WC flushing system is triggered by an electronic infrared sensor which is activated when the user's hand comes within 50mm of the sensor. With no handles to touch, the risk of cross infection is eliminated.
Our safe and reliable system contains few moving parts, requires no maintenance and is easily installed in existing and new cisterns using industry standard fittings.
Features include:

  • 4.5 litre flush
  • Typical 30% savings on water costs
  • Adjustable for optimum flush
  • Improves flush
  • Ideal for disabled or elderly
  • Hygienic no-touch operation
  • Optional tactile operation
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Fits existing and new WCs
  • Vandal proof
  • Eliminates handle maintenance
  • Dual flush
  • Wave-on or fully automatic flush or both
  • Lock outs (for custodial and mental health)
  • Increased ambient temperature (55°)
  • Purge facility

Electronically operated, the Flushvalve delivers a
measured volume of water upon activation. The timer
can be adjusted to any setting between 1 and 6
seconds, to deliver the optimum flush. The Flushvalve is
activated when the user’s hand passes within 50mm of
the sensor (tactile push sensors can be fitted if required).
A 35 second delay mechanism prevents abuse
between flushes by the user.
An electromagnetic solenoid coil is central to the operation
of the Flushvalve. Upon activation, an electromagnetic
field is created within the upper part of the body. This
draws up a metal piston which instantly opens the valve
and releases the water full bore through the flush pipe
into the WC. At the end of the timed flushing cycle, the
electrical supply is cut off, thereby deactivating the
solenoid and returning the valve to its normally closed
position. The flush repeatability is very accurate.

WC Flushvalves are fitted in a wide variety of commercial and public buildings,
and have proven to be a tried and tested solution, unchallenged in performance
and reliability, offering a robust vandal proof solution.

DVS Flushvalves are used widely in hospitals to
help reduce healthcare acquired infections.
No-touch WC flushing stops hand contact with
potentially contaminated handles.
Water saving is important to everybody and retro-fitting WC
Flushvalves can save an enormous amount of water in busy
public toilets. The reliability, robustness and vandal proof nature
of the DVS WC Flushvalve also makes it an ideal choice for
schools and colleges, eliminating the nuisance of term time
WC Flushvalves have been fitted in most of the busiest UK
airports and are proven to be unchallenged in performance
and reliability, with the busiest cubicles peaking at nearly 400
flushes per day.

Ensures toilet is flushed!
The WC Fully Auto Sensor can be mounted behind the toilet to
detect a user for fully automatic flushing used in conjunction
with a WC kit or retro-fitted later.

If the user does not operate the manual flushing sensor the toilet
will flush automatically a few seconds after they have left the toilet area.
The WC Fully Auto Flushvalve uses the same Flushvalve as the
standard no-touch WC Flushvalve; with all the same features
and benefits but with the added ‘Auto Sensing’ facility.