DVS Water Management products offer up to 60% water saving.
Although water is often a huge cost faced by businesses and organizations, it is
sometimes perceived as one of the most difficult areas to tackle. DVS’s
experience team can advise on the most suitable product solutions for each
environment based on usage patterns and payback periods.

Overflow Detection System                                           

The Overflow Detection (OFD) Control System is designed for companies with large numbers of WCs on site.

The control system can monitor up to 20 cubicles and is usually remotely sited; in the cleaner’s cupboard at the end of a toilet block for example.

The digital display on the front of the control box makes it easy to identify which cistern is overflowing.

There is also the facility to have an additional warning light panel outside the cleaner’s cupboard which will flash until the problem is rectified. You can also monitor the OFD control system from a BMS system if necessary.

Features include:

  • No more unsightly Visi-Boxes or Tundishes required in the WC cubicles.
  • Identifies overflowing WC cisterns immediately
  • Warning panel will continue to flash until rectified
  • Will pay for itself in water saving
  • Easy to install and maintain

Water Isolation System

The DVS water isolation system is designed to shut off the water supply to washroom facilities when they are not occupied, preventing water wastage and possible damage from overflows.

The product is available with one or two solenoid valves for hot and cold water isolation and is offered as either battery or mains operated systems.

The water isolation system works by fitting the sensor above the entrance to the washroom facilities. The sensor is capable of detecting movement up to 6m from the control box. If the washroom is empty, the system will shut off the water supply, preventing wastage from leaks and overflows, avoiding flooding and damage to the washroom.

Flow Restricting Valve

Restrictaflow offers savings of approximately 40%, and the unit is so inexpensive that you can be confident of recovering the cost in a few weeks.

The flow is adjustable, and the valve can also be isolated. If you are considering fitting standard isolating valves, Restrictaflow delivers the flexibility of an isolation valve alongside considerable water and energy saving benefits.